Reading skincare reviews can sometimes be horrifying. We are all in search of the best skincare brand. We want something that moisturizes, without causing adverse reactions, and we want something that will keep us from looking older, before our time.

What we find are lotions and creams that are largely composed of petroleum jelly, artificial preservatives, colors and fragrances. All that you have to do is read a few skincare reviews to see how often people, particularly women, suffer from the components used by major cosmetic companies.

If you read enough skincare reviews and you add them all up, you’ll see that the majority of customers are dissatisfied. The products do not perform as promised. Many women come away with rashes, sometimes requiring medical treatment.

What’s worse, some of them end up permanently disfigured, because the cosmetic companies fail to warn consumers about the ingredients that they use. How can this continue to go on? Somehow, we’ve got to find a way to protect ourselves and others. Luckily, there is one company that is trying to help.

The best skincare brand comes not from the cosmetic industry, at all, but from the healthcare industry. Specifically, it comes from the dietary supplement industry. If you think about it, it makes sense to care for your face in the same manner that you care for the rest of your body. buy cbd skincare

Excellent nutrition is the key to a long, beautiful life. Avoiding toxins is also important, but your body can handle the toxins that you are inadvertently exposed to as long as it is well nourished.

The average skin care products contain lots of toxins and nothing nourishing. The best skincare brand contains no toxins and all of the nutrients necessary to support cell rejuvenation and collagen production, as well as the nutrients needed to prevent and repair damage done by UV radiation from the sun and environmental pollutants. Those nutrients are called antioxidants. Unlike the average product, the best skincare brand is loaded with antioxidants.

Dermatologists have reported that older skin cells contain more free radicals and fewer antioxidants. In younger cells, there is a better balance. But, once you pass the age of thirty, the scale starts to tip towards the wrong side.

Your body is creating fewer new cells and producing less collagen, while there are more free radicals to damage the ones that are produced. If you are over 30 and you are not using an antioxidant-rich moisturizer, you need to start now.

Reading skincare reviews is only helpful if you also take the time to evaluate the ingredients before you buy a product. Never believe the advertisements. Look for clinical studies that support the product claims.

While most companies have no supportive data, the best skincare brand provides links to supportive clinical studies on their website. They allow you to make an informed decision, something that reading skincare reviews, alone, cannot do. Be an informed consumer and protect your skin’s health. You’ll be happier when you look in the mirror.


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