Wouldn’t it be just dandy to have your own fishing boat that you can just load up whenever fishing strikes your fancy? Well, you can! The fact is if you have the interest and you can put in in the effort, you can build a fishing boat yourself.

Fishing boats comes in different sizes, to build a fishing boat is dependent on varying factors but the best place to start would be deciding which type of boat you have in mind.

Most do it yourself fishing boats are those usually small enough that you can just load up in your car when you go fishing. However, this kind of boat can range in different sizes. It can be the dingy type to charter cruiser and there are even some boats mostly the commercial ones that are often not just dedicated to fishing.

But let’s just talk about the type of boat that you can easily build with some woodworking tools,plywood and basic woodworking skills.

Build a Fishing Boat – Getting Started

First off, the tools you’re most likely to use would include jig saw, drill, paintbrushes, hardware and cleats and some paintbrushes.

You’ll also be needing, though these largely depends on the design, plywood, epoxy glue, paint or varnish whichever strikes your fancy and a bag of sawdust.

And there are some things to keep in mind when building a fishing boat. Some of these are:


As discussed previously, you must have a clear idea on the size of the boat that you wish to build. Will it be good for one person only? Or perhaps you want to have a boat that can accommodate a number of people. To accomplish this, you must have a definite dimension and measurement of the bow and the stern of the boat. I personally built a boat small enough to load unto an SUV. But then, that’s a personal choice that has a lot to do with my preference and convenience. Things which I’m also sure you’ll have to keep in mind to build your own fishing boat.


How much are you willing to spend? The amount you’ve earmarked as the budget for the project will also determine the materials that you’ll be using. boat things


Will you be using fiberglass? This material is more costly than other materials but it far more superior in terms of integrity as hulls are continuous and doesn’t have joints or gaps to allow water into the hull.

However, plywood are still the most commonly used material in boat building as it is definitely cheaper and more available and easy to procure.


The simplest boats would require a basic carpentry skills. However, there are some boat designs that would require more advanced skill set. This is one of the major consideration in choosing the type of boat you will build.


A good fishing boat design would give you an overall idea of the materials and tools you’ll be needing and you will have more or less an idea of the work it will require.

Furthermore, a design is needed so you have a definite dimension and measure for the parts of the boat. You get this wrong, boat building will prove to be such a frustration and not to mention, very costly.

Personally, I’ve been using a nifty guide which includes a step-by-step instruction which I found very easy to follow. Of course, having some pictures vastly helped too.


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